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Crested Butte Fall Has Arrived!

Fall Has Arrived!

Fall has arrived and the leaves are changing colors here in Crested Butte!  Hike, bike or drive your way to Crested Butte this weekend to be awed by the abundance of gold surrounding the mountain and town. But, don’t fret if you can’t make it this weekend as Kebler Pass is peaking with color slightly slower than its neighbor to the east.  Both this weekend and next weekend are sure to be wonderful times to see the gorgeous autumnal colors in the area!  With the Evolution Bike Park, lifts and Adventure Park open this Saturday and Sunday (9:30am – 5:00pm with the exception of the Silver...

Crested Butte Collegiate Mountain Bike Races This Weekend

Collegiate Mountain Bike Races This Weekend

The Evolution Bike Park, Red Lady, and Silver Queen lifts are currently open Fridays through Sundays until October 2.  

This weekend, there will be temporary trail closures for the Collegiate Mountain Bike Series: 

•Saturday- downhillers: use caution when crossing into Lower Avery, crossing guards will be in place until about 1 PM as cross country races will be going up the summer road.
•Sunday- Captain Jack closed in the morning until race completion (1 PM at the latest). 

Notice: For safety reasons, dogs are not permitted to ride CBMR lifts. 


Crested Butte We’re Open for the Weekends!

We’re Open for the Weekends!

Summer may be coming to an end but that means fall is here! Enjoy the Evolution Bike Park, scenic chairlift rides, the Adventure Park and numerous dining options open Friday, Saturday and Sunday through October 2. 

Evolution Bike Park

Some may say there’s no better time to mountain bike than in the fall. Smooth, tacky, perfect dirt. Fly through the aspens, get muddy during an afternoon rain storm and share the stoke. The Evolution Bike Park is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through October 2. With over 30 miles of single track there are trails for...

Crested Butte 3 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Vacation in Crested Butte

3 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Vacation in Crested Butte

Summer time in Crested Butte is short and sweet—just like your vacation (but hopefully more sweet, than short!). Which means you’ll want to maximize your time while you’re here. So I’ve complied a short list below detailing how to get the most out of your summer vacation in Crested Butte!

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re mountain biking, hiking, SUPing, or just here to enjoy the charm of downtown Crested Butte, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting into before you arrive. If you’re looking to rent mountain bikes for your stay, check out our...

Crested Butte Do You Know Your ‘Mountain Manners?’

Do You Know Your ‘Mountain Manners?’

July 4th is coming up this weekend, and it means one thing:  we’re in full on summer mode in Crested Butte!  Which is to say, visitors and locals alike are enjoying the abundant sunshine, the sweeping views, and the myriad of sports and activities that can be enjoyed in our little corner of the Rocky Mountains.  

But with great fun, and incredible natural beauty, also comes great responsibility.  As more folks are realizing what an incredible place Crested Butte is, we have to make sure we're all preserving the natural habitat that surrounds us, and following a few easy rules....

Crested Butte Spitfire, Camaraderie and Beer: Crested Butte Bike Week

Spitfire, Camaraderie and Beer: Crested Butte Bike Week

It was a little bit of beer, a good pair of boots and a lot of nerve that fueled it, and the boots helped with stopping (along with a river for cooling down hot coaster brakes).

Because when a vintage Schwinn Spitfire townie is hauling down a rocky mountain side, with only coaster brakes to stop, slowing down is not easy.

The same can probably be said for the tradition of Crested Butte Bike Week—the oldest mountain bike festival in the United States, now in its 36th year.  The Schwinn Spitfire was the bike of choice back in those Wild West days during the original Pearl Pass...

Crested Butte Trail Update - June 17

Trail Update - June 17

Trail Update: Great news, Teaser will open tonight for Twilight Rides!  As of yesterday, Prospector is also open! Our only Evolution Bike Park trail closures are Woods and Crusader. The Peak Trail (hiking only) is also closed until further notice. Enjoy the great riding out there!

Crested Butte Evolution Bike Park Opening Weekend Trail Overview

Evolution Bike Park Opening Weekend Trail Overview

Happy Summer from Crested Butte! Here is the dirt on the dirt for the weekend: As of 6/10 at 2:15 PM, our only closures at this point will be Woods, Crusader, and Prospector. For the most part the riding surface is dry and a bit dusty but riders should expect to encounter mud in places and some snow may linger through the weekend.  More information about these trails is below.

Base Area Skill Zone - Beginner: Come build your skill base or sharpen your fundamentals in the Skill Zone. Choose from a pump track to beginner single track and learn what sort of obstacles...

Crested Butte Ride Like a Girl

Ride Like a Girl

“Ride like a girl”

Not only a phrase, but also a compliment, with an engrained sense of pride in the statement.  The women’s mountain biking community is a tight one, especially so in Crested Butte, where many outdoor and adventure loving folks come to live and ride.

So it’s no surprise then, that Sarah Stubbe, the performance services and professional teams manager for Griggs Orthopedics, told me there are more lady-riders in Crested Butte than places she’s ridden in the past.  To get the low down on women’s mountain biking, particularly here in Crested Butte, I spoke with...

Crested Butte Featured Trail: Happy Hour

Featured Trail: Happy Hour

Mountain biking in Crested Butte is all about community.  Whether it’s cheersing at the trailhead after a big ride, or after hammering out trail work days, there’s a huge sense of belonging in the world of two-wheels here.

As Erica Mueller, Director of Innovations and Relations at CBMR, says “It takes a village to create such an extensive trail system.”  And a village, we certainly have.

In an effort to continue to foster the mountain biking community here in Crested Butte, the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association and Evolution Bike Park built a connector trail from...

Crested Butte The Best Way to Get Involved in the Crested Butte Mountain Biking Community

The Best Way to Get Involved in the Crested Butte Mountain Biking Community

Gratitude.  Strong Work Ethic.  Pride.

All of these form the basis for Trail Work Days with Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA)—the oldest mountain biking club in the world, in one of the birthplaces of mountain biking (hint, hint: Crested Butte!). 

Spring time is a very energetic and electric time of year, people are pumped at the thought of warm summer days, wildflowers and riding Crested Butte’s famous singletrack.  But spring is also when a lot of hard work and effort is needed to make sure all those famous trails are in good shape for the thousands of bikers...

Crested Butte Getting Ready for Summer 2016

Getting Ready for Summer 2016

800 hours. 

87 days of regular season, 13 weekends only, and 20 Wednesday and Friday twilight sessions.

All those days add up to 800 hours of lift-served mountain biking season at Evolution Bike Park.  

And with a little over a month until the lifts start turning for the summer season, I spoke with the Evolution Bike Park manager, Christian Robertson to find out what’s in store for the 2016 MTB season at Crested Butte Mountain Resort.  Christian was also featured in this month’s Employee Spotlight,...

Crested Butte Mountain Biking Trail Etiquette Guide

Mountain Biking Trail Etiquette Guide

With the mountain biking season in the high country getting close, and with the season already started at lower elevations, we thought it pertinent to put out a friendly reminder, and to educate new riders on mountain biking trail etiquette, brought to you by our local Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA).  CBMBA was created in 1983 and is the oldest mountain bike club in the world.  This all volunteer, non-profit 501C3 organization is dedicated to the access, building and maintenance of mountain bike trails in...

Crested Butte Lunch Break Laps

Lunch Break Laps

Lunch break laps on the hill: arguably one of the best perks of working at Crested Butte Mountain Resort.  Here, two bike-obsessed mechanics take their lunch break to the hill, swapping sandwiches for dirt, rocks and tail whips.  Clearly they’re not missing that ham and cheese.

Wanna get in on the fun this summer season?  Head over to to see what positions we have open, then start picturing what your lunch break could look like.  


Crested Butte Pre-Season Stoke: Red Mcintosh Ripping through Evolution Bike Park

Pre-Season Stoke: Red Mcintosh Ripping through Evolution Bike Park

The lifts have shut down, the snow will likely still fall for a few weeks more, but one thing is for sure--spring has sprung in Crested Butte.  Which means we're one season closer to mountain biking season in the valley.  So while we’re all patiently waiting for the mud to dry up, and for our new bike parts and gear to come in, let’s get our pre-season stoke on, shall we?  Here’s a video of Red Mcintosh ripping through Evolution Bike Park last summer, enjoying those flowy corners and progressive features—who is ready for June 11, when the Evolution Bike Park opens for summer?!


Crested Butte Pre-Season Stoke

Pre-Season Stoke

As the temps start creeping up, and the sun is staying up later, there's a certain group of people who are getting really itchy for summer.  Yes, I'm talking to you.  The uphill climber, the downhill sender, the people who talk about tacky-dirt and dusty trails, have a vested-interest in the mud season (and when it will dry out), and may or may not spend more money on bike parts than on their car. 

This post is for you, you mountain biking fiend.

Your season may have already started outside of our wintery mountain valley, traveling to warmer and drier climates to get your pre...

Crested Butte Featured Activity: Downhill Mountain Biking

Featured Activity: Downhill Mountain Biking

With the lifts still turning and more fun to be had, I along with Evolution Bike Park instructor Josh Turek, hit the trails of the Evolution Bike Park.  Whether you are a beginner or expert, the Evolution Bike Park has just what you are looking for as our team of experienced trail professionals have carved some of the country’s most awesome bike trails for all ability levels.

If you have never downhill mountain biked before, like myself, it is highly recommended to go out with an Evolution Bike Park instructor to help you to advance quicker and understand the technicalities of...

Crested Butte September Hours for Evolution Bike Park

September Hours for Evolution Bike Park

There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the Evolution Bike Park this September!  We’ll be open daily through September 13 and then Fridays through Sundays the last two weeks in September.  Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy the thrill of downhill riding at Crested Butte Mountain Resort!

Now- September 13, 2015

Red Lady Express: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Fridays through Sundays September 18-27, 2015

Red Lady Express: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Red Lady Express Twilight Rides

Twilight Rides...

Crested Butte Gravity Slave is Set for Crested Butte Bike Week

Gravity Slave is Set for Crested Butte Bike Week

We have put  a lot of focus towards our mountain biking terrain since 2009. The Evolution Bike Park is one of the best bike parks in the state of Colorado, with 15 downhill specific trails covering 15 miles. To add to the excitement around the bike park, the we are calling all downhill enthusiasts to compete in the Gravity Slave Downhill Mountain Bike Race for some gravity-fed fun. The event is designed to coincide with Crested Butte Bike Week , the longest running bike week in the country, allowing for mountain bike fans to try out their downhill skills during the weekend of festivities....

Crested Butte Changing of the Seasons

Changing of the Seasons

Seasons.  For many of us in Crested Butte there are really only two seasons, snowboard season (aka ski season) and bike season.  Each year there seems to be more and more overlap between the two but when the snow really starts to fall you can sense the energy around town as people are picturing themselves slashing turns through deep powder.  When the temperature warms and the snow begins it’s reluctant retreat, there is no doubt that many of us are cleaning chains, testing the feel of the fork and hoping the sun will clear off the serpentine lines of dirt that move all around the valley we...