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Best Fall Colors by Bike

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Best Fall Colors by Bike

Crested Butte Best Fall Colors by Bike

Every year around the middle of September, the incredible blue, pink, white and yellow hues of wildflowers give way to the gold of the aspen leaves.  While to many, fall represents the end of summer and generates excitement for the upcoming winter season, others continue to revel in summer activities, albeit with cooler temperatures, fewer crowds and amazing foliage.

Below are a few of our favorite mountain bike trails to experience the awe-inspiring fall foliage in and around Crested Butte.

Dyke Trail

Hands down the best trail to ride when the leaves are gold, the Dyke Trail traverses and descends through one of the world’s largest aspen groves off of Kebler Pass.  

Many people ride this trail as a loop beginning at the Irwin Campground towards Horse Ranch Park, ending with the long climb back up the west side of Kebler Pass.  Keep your eyes open for the Kebler Wagon Trail, which begins off of Kebler Pass road on your way back to your car.  This singletrack continues to climb, but is much more enjoyable than riding the road.

The Dyke Trail is rated as difficult due to its fair share of rocks and roots throughout.  This trail is also very popular in the fall, so please be prepared to yield to horses, hikers and other bikers.

Strand Hill

Not only is Strand Hill a locals’ favorite for mountain biking, but it also offers some of the best views of the surrounding fall foliage.  Smooth singletrack denotes this trail as being intermediate-friendly and it is very popular for locals and visitors alike.

There are two ways to get to the top of Strand Hill: up the road (the more direct route) or along the smooth Strand Bonus singletrack.  Either way, it is a decently long climb to the top, but the descent is fully worth it!

Cement Creek

A little further out of town, the Lower Cement Creek and Upper Cement Creek trails begin just out Cement Creek Road from Crested Butte South, approximately seven miles south of Crested Butte.  These trails are great for both beginners and intermediate riders, and follow the creek all the way up the drainage.

These trails are less popular than many of the other trails in the valley, but offer beautiful views and great access to more trails and possibly epic rides!

The next time you are searching for the best fall bike rides in Crested Butte, check out one of the aforementioned classic rides!  For a trail map and trail information, download the “MTB Home /CBG Trails App” for your smart phone.