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Big Mountain Enduro

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Big Mountain Enduro

Crested Butte Big Mountain Enduro

Crested Butte Mountain Resort and the Evolution Bike Park are excited to welcome the Big Mountain Enduro (BME) back to Crested Butte!  

The BME Crested Butte stop will blend high altitude backcountry adventures mixed with some of the longest and most challenging descents in the area. This special gem of a place is tucked deep in the Rockies and surrounded by expansive wilderness in every direction. It also entails the most mountain bike history in the world and is a true mountain town with some of the highest density singletrack in the country.

Enduro is a relatively new racing format in the U.S., but has been popular around the world as it blends adrenaline-fueled downhill mountain biking with the lung-busting climbs of traditional cross country riding. It is not about being the first to the top of the climb, or who can ride the gnarliest line, but rather the best all-around trail rider that can tackle any type of terrain the fastest.

The Crested Butte stop of this year’s Big Mountain Enduro is the series finale. After previous stops in Sante Fe, NM, Vail, CO, Keystone, CO, and Winter Park, CO, we are all prepared to find out who is the best all-around rider!

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