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How to Beat Your Friends at the Gravity Slave Dual Slalom

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How to Beat Your Friends at the Gravity Slave Dual Slalom

Crested Butte How to Beat Your Friends at the Gravity Slave Dual Slalom

Step 1 – Practice!

Ride the pump track, in the base area, to perfect your efficiency and timing of movements. Take a few laps on Teaser or Luge to get comfortable with speed. Lucky you, we’re opening the dual slalom course in advance of Gravity Slave! This new course design now begins below the Lower West Side Trail directly below the Peach Tree lift line. You can access from the base area by climbing up the Lower West Side Trail. The course can be lapped by riding/pushing back up the ski area access road adjacent to the track. 

Step 2 – Find a friend.

Convince a buddy who doesn’t want to race to help you push your bike up to the start of the dual slalom course. Make it worth their while because you’ll want to save your energy and focus on winning.

Step 3 – Learn and follow the rules.

Ever watched a ski race? Dual slalom mountain bike races are a crossover from dual slalom alpine ski races. Go around the red and blue gates if there is just one panel. Go between the same color gates if there are two. Every turn should alternate between left and right.

Step 4 – Register. 

Registration will be held at Coal Breaker Coffee from 9 - 10:30 am the morning of the race. Racing will start at 11 am. Adults are $20 and kids ages 12 and under are $10.

Step 5 – Stay on your bike.

Do not fall in your seeding runs. It is better to be slower and finish, than to fall! On the other hand, you don’t want to have the second fastest seeding combined time and end up racing the fastest rider in your first bracket.

Step 6 – Be patient.

One or two poor souls are pouring over the seeding times to create a bracket. Be patient with them; math is hard!

Step 7 – Win!

This one seems straightforward, but it’s the trickiest step on this list. Ride fast and ride smart. Go home in one piece and with bragging rights.

Step 8 – Attend the awards party.

Not everyone can win Gravity Slave, but everyone can get a complimentary Odell Brewing Co. beer. If luck favors you, you could even win a free raffle prize!