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Outerbike Recap 2017

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Outerbike Recap 2017

Crested Butte Outerbike Recap 2017

It has been nearly a month since “the BEST bike demo in the universe” graced the Evolution Bike Park and Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Featuring some of the most popular brands in mountain biking — including Specialized, SCOTT and Yeti among many more — Outerbike offered participants the opportunity to demo as many bikes as time, and their legs, allowed.

And let me tell you, the residual effects of such an event have not worn off!

Pure, old-fashioned fun

As children, many of us spent as much time as possible outdoors; getting dirty, perhaps a little sweaty and scraped up. Outerbike Crested Butte rekindled this love for old-fashioned fun! Riding bikes with friends in one of the birthplaces of the sport, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

New bikes

As advertised, Outerbike offers an amazing collection of some of the world’s most impressive new mountain bikes. Cross country bikes, enduro bikes, downhill bikes and e-bikes (electronic assist) were all available to be demoed and drooled upon. The only problem: now I want them all…

Mountain biking

Of course, Outerbike in-and-of-itself is a mountain bike event, which brings in hundreds of the sport’s enthusiasts for a weekend of – you guessed it – mountain biking. To some, Outerbike represents more than a bike demo event. It is a celebration of the sport, of the trails and of the camaraderie that mountain biking encourages. After an event like Outerbike, your passion for the sport is renewed to an all-time high!

Photos: Dave Kozlowski, Devon Balet, Taylor Ahearn/Crested Butte Mountain Resort